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Pumpkin Art: Photographs of Uniquely Carved Pumpkins

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It’s time to start choosing a pumpkin to carve. I was searching the net for some pumpkin carving ideas – here are some of my favorites.


by ~l-eh


by *Brendus


by ~Jenserai


by ~kenklinker


by ~kenklinker





by ~masonfetzer

Photographs of Caterpillars

Insects are small and at the same time a huge part of the animal world. I came across some unusual caterpillar’s this year.Ā  I came across some great photographs.


Milkweed Tussock
Southern Flannel Moth – Don’t touch it stings


Wooly Bear Caterpillar
White Lined Caterpillar ?


Hairy Caterpillar

Pandora Sphinx Moth CaterpillarĀ 

Hornworm Hornworm