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Watch this amazing video in full screen with the volume on. The last page holds the message we all need to see.

Animal rescue and pet adoption here also. The adoption site is set up in hopes to stop the needless euthenization of millions of animals each year by helping more people adopt purebred & mixed animals from individuals, families, shelters and rescue groups needing to place them in an emergency. If you have a pet that needs adoption you can post it here.

I started this project many years ago dedicating time to animals on the net. My first animal blog is still going strong and I post to it regularly. Photographs are a major part of the blog Animal Cognizance. Stop by and check out the wonders of animals and nature.

Click on the banner below to help feed sheltered animals. You can click daily. The Animal Rescue site will allow you to set up an email in order to be reminded each day. I can not do as much as I would like to help the animals but this is one easy way to help and you are sure to feel very good about the way your day is going. It is free and it takes only a moment of your time.

A legacy of kindness and compassion that echoes beyond your lifetime.

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