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Owl Puts Up Defenses Funny Video

Owl as it prepares for a possible enemy. He starts with the puff up, this method is used by most animals, they try to appear bigger than the foe. Huge round eyes go to little slits as he transforms from puffy to the evil Dracula owl. This video is priceless. Enjoy an educational view of how this unique owl attempts to look like someone not to mess with.

Funny Owl Video

owl sculpture Funny Video



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Owls Funny Video


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Pumpkin Art: Photographs of Uniquely Carved Pumpkins

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It’s time to start choosing a pumpkin to carve. I was searching the net for some pumpkin carving ideas – here are some of my favorites.


by ~l-eh


by *Brendus


by ~Jenserai


by ~kenklinker


by ~kenklinker





by ~masonfetzer