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Keep Small Bugs Out of Your House

I live in the country side and bugs are a big problem especially at night. There is a window right above my kitchen sink. It is the only downstairs window to let in a cross breeze. We don’t have air conditioning so the window is open all day and at night when the bugs are at their peak. There is a light over the sink that is a beacon to all bugs in the entire wooded area. Last night as an experiment my husband took a dryer sheet and rubbed it over the screen. It was like magic. All the tiny bugs stayed away from the screen, it was the first time I could actually see the screen without hundreds of teeny tiny bugs trying to get to the light. It did not keep one big moth off the screen but it was not getting through the small screen holes. I am going to rub a dryer sheet over all the screens now to enjoy a bug free home.

Bugs out garage screenGarage door screen is great when your having a get together and want to enjoy the outdoors and still keep things bug free.



Photographs of Caterpillars

Insects are small and at the same time a huge part of the animal world. I came across some unusual caterpillar’s this year.Ā  I came across some great photographs.


Milkweed Tussock
Southern Flannel Moth – Don’t touch it stings


Wooly Bear Caterpillar
White Lined Caterpillar ?


Hairy Caterpillar

Pandora Sphinx Moth CaterpillarĀ 

Hornworm Hornworm