Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes

A nice selection of Pirate costume ideas for all. This page is dedicated to help  get the perfect outfit for Halloween  or any other costume party. Be it a kids party or an adult get together you can find the perfect thing to wear. Pirates are one of the classic costumes seen today and there are many different kind to choose from. Not only men can be a pirate but women and kids will find great costumes. Links to accessories like swords and parrots to add to your final look.

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Pirate Costume for Kids

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Pirate Costumes for Men

There are great Swash Buckling Costumes to choose from.  If you are going to a bar on Halloween or hosting your yearly party you are sure to find a great outfit here. Many of these come complete with wigs, swords and jackets. If you are the host the captains or Bluebeard is a fine choice. Click on the links below to find out more information about each of these great outfits.

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Pirate Costumes for Women >>>>

Pirate Costume for the Dog and Cat

Don’t forget the family pet this Halloween season. If your dog or cat will allow you to include them in the holiday here is a great doggie costume. Fido can be the mascot for your pirate themed party. This is a great matching brown pirate hat and coat. The red and orange stripe trim is a great accent and is a great contrast to make the costume show up nicely on any photographs. Usually costumes like this are lost on a pet.

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Pirate Cat Costume Suit