Halloween Skeleton Tiles

Bone Chilling Skeletons

This bony icon, the skeleton is just one of the images that is known worldwide. It is a Halloween staple. I love the artistic fun that is enjoyed by all during this time. Watching kids pick out outfits of what they want to be. Decorating the house and yard with spooky figurines, streamers, cobwebs and more. Fun is to be had by all. Lets not forget the candy …. yummm. Everybody has their own favorite treat and memory directly related to the happenings of All Hallows Eve.

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The Vintage Look

Vintage art makes for some great ideas. I love the finished look you get with this. Antique art is easy to find no matter what the product. If you are interested in ceramic tiles I have a few nice ones here.


Add a Little Color

Skeletons are black and white but why not add something more. An interesting effect can be made with some use of the color spectrum. A border is one way to stand out from the rest. The addition of mosaics or geometric design of any kind is spiffy.

Day of the Dead

In the United States the only holiday that is equal to the this is Memorial Day. I think the way the festival is celebrated in Mexico is great. There a wide variety of art added to the day making it a very special celebration.

 Day of the Dead

Thanks to Wikipedia

Thanks to Wikipedia for image

Some of my favorite work is for The Day of the Dead. I absolutely love the fun depictions that are used to make these figures be so much fun and easy to relate to. This is a different holiday than that of Halloween and is celebrated throughout Mexico

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