Zombie Props for Halloween

Zombies Prop Bodies for Halloween

One of the spookiest things you can get to complete your Halloween outdoor decor are Zombie Props. There are men , women and children in different stages of un-dead. One of these creepy Zombies is a dog. These props look so real when added with a cemetery theme. Today this subject is so big that you can put them anywhere. They are in different stages of decay and made to fit just were you want. Some are animated to add a real spook factor when guests goes by them.



This clown made me thing of Stephen Kings epic book “It”. Bright yellow suit and balloon on a string will trick your guests into thinking pleasant thoughts. When they get a good look at the clowns face ….. BOO. That is when the fear sets in.

Animated Clown Halloween Prop   



 Zombie Dog

This is an unusual Halloween prop. This scary zombie dog is not the run of the mill Halloween decoration that everyone has. Add this pooch to your Halloween spectacular and it is sure to be one of the biggest conversation pieces you have. Simply because you will be the only one on the block with it.

Zombie Dog Halloween prop

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Animated Gaseous Zombie Fog Halloween Prop

This is one creepy looking zombie that is sure to get a reaction from anyone who sees it.

Prop measures 2′ tall.

Includes gaseous zombie that features a hard plastic frame is under his poly-fabric shirt and shroud with an attached 110 volt motor that turns his hand-painted plastic head with gaping mouth from side-to-side, and also comes with two creepy hand-painted plastic hands to complete the look.

Animated Gaseous Zombie Fog Halloween Prop


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Dead Debbie Non Animated Haunted House Halloween Prop

If this was animated I would probably loose my lunch. The paint job on this prop is as realistic as it gets. A creepy young girl sits in corner chewing on a body part.

Dead Debbie Non Animated Haunted House Halloween Prop

Rocking Moldy Mommy Halloween Animated Decor

This is beyond spooky looking. A moldy mother holding baby in a rocking chair. The best part of this horrible Halloween decoration is animation. Set the activation pad to rock with one of three eerie sayings.

Rocking Moldy Mommy Halloween Animated Decor



Spirit Zombie Baby Prop

zombie baby