Cat Costume for Halloween

A Costume for Your Cat or Not ?

Are you dressing up your pets for Halloween? Did you pick out a costume for the cat? I wonder what they would say if they could talk. I am convinced that cats would reply with “Are you Crazy?” followed by “Put that thing on me and I’ll make walking through the house at night a treat to match this stupid trick.” Perhaps your cat is not really a cat. Does he yearn for attention and the feeling of acceptance? Maybe your furry friend is a dog in cats clothing which means your loving kitty is already wearing a costume. I am from the school that believes animals don’t want to be put in any type of clothing. The felines seem to be less comfortable than their counterparts when it comes to being dressed up. All that aside I took a look at this subject on the net and found some fun ideas.

cat hat

I know for a fact that a cat is not in anyway going to be happy with a costume but I found some awesome ideas. Photo layout below items for sale.

Halloween Pet Bat Wings Cat Bat Costume

Cat Halloween Costumes,The Cowboy 

Pirate Cat Costume Suit