OVAL Engagement Ring

Oval Engagement Ring

Visit the page with the ring shape of your choice.Ā 


Choose the type of metal (platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold), and the clarity of the stone according to what you want to spend. Just about any design you are looking for comes in many different forms. Choosing a six prong setting is a good idea to insure against ease of losing the stone.Ā  Get the best clarity you can find in your price range. The clarity will make the diamond sparkle. The lower the clarity the duller the stone.

For pointers on choosing a ring,Ā and to learn about the four C’s of diamonds.


This is simply lovely.Ā  Each of the small stones along the band are oval.

14k Gold Antique Style Art Deco Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1.03ct



Twisted Infinity Oval Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold (0.50ct)

1 Ct Oval Cut Cathedral Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring




1-3 CT OvalĀ  Cut Engagement Ring with Double Shank