Unique Wedding Items

These are for the bride or bride and groom. Follow links at the side for wedding party and other gift giving ideas. 

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These unique USB flash drives come in 2.0 and 3.0 speeds. Sizes range from 16GB to 128GB – I have about 20 themes already made. If you need something specific that is not offered just contact me “the designer” on any Zazzle  page with my item. The more information you add with a link to original item will help to speed things up. You can also contact me using the following ending with .net

Bride and Groom Classic Thong

Bride and Groom Thong


Bride and Groom Women’s  Pajamas
Comes in  mens styles also ….


Cute idea for the groom to give his fiancée




Poker chips are currently out of stock. You can find out more about this totally unique item and leave information to be contacted when they are back in stock.  Use link below 

Bachelorette Party Poker Chip Set

Bachelorette Party Poker Chip Set




Grooms Gay Wedding Personalized Cake Stand