MARQUISE Engagement Rings

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Marquise Engagement Rings

Choose the type of metal (platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold), and the clarity of the stone according to what you want to spend. Just about any design you are looking for comes in many different forms. Choosing a six prong setting is a good idea to insure against ease of losing the stone.  Get the best clarity you can find in your price range. The clarity will make the diamond sparkle. The lower the clarity the duller the stone.

For pointers on choosing a ring, and to learn about the four C’s of diamonds.

This first  piece is a less expensive ring than those with a single marquise center diamond. The marquise shape of this beautiful ring is acquired from the placement of small round diamonds. No matter what your wallet allows you to spend a ring can be found that meets all your needs.  The added twist around the band makes the overall look of this ring unique.

 Yellow Gold Conflict Free Diamond Marquise Halo with Serpentine Twist Engagement Ring


Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring 



Marquise Floating Prong Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Gold 




Marquise Cut Classic Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring