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Solid Black Makeup Bag

Solid Black Makeup Bag

Coal black with a small addition of texture to give the black some depth. This beautiful bag that will go with anything is available in three styles and three sizes in each style.  There is also a Sueded option.  Cosmetic bag, clutch bag / wristlet , and a  clip on accessory bag.  I forgot to mention that there is a travel accessory bag also.  The black makes this the perfect choice for men.

Skeleton Personal Business Card Case

Skeleton Personal Business Card Case.

Show off your brand in this sleek customizable business card case. Made of high quality all-metal construction, this case is designed with a snap closure and a velvet-like interior to protect your cards day in and day out. Customize the cover with your text, image, or designs for a one-of-a-kind case that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients and associates.

  • Dimensions: 3.69”w x 2.35”l x .34”d.
  • Printed in full color on metal insert.
  • Metal case with velvet-like interior; snap closure.
  • Holds 15 business cards.
Skeleton Personal Business Card Case
Skeleton Personal Business Card Case by skeletonalley
Check out Black and silver Business Card Holder online at zazzle

My Favorite Fishing Sport Cell Phone Design

These are a few cell phone case designs I made when they first were introduced at Zazzle. Unfortunately they did not become the least bit popular. I did have fun putting them together.  Instead of making one design I took four separate images and pieced them together on the product. Each design is unique in that way. They are not all the same piece of work.  Since they were made using vectors I stuck with the themes that were easiest for me to create. I like things to be scaled to real life situations. I also added the ability for a name or text of any kind to be added. This text can also be deleted and the image is still beautiful. This one is a sports cell phone and iPod case for the fisherman.

The Fisherman on