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Trump and Walls ? Just Thinkin Steve Forbert

I was watching Trump today. What choice did I have he was on all the tv stations. He declared a national emergency to fulfill his campaign promise. “The Wall”. I should say “Trump’s  Wall” I don’t want to sully the good name  of  Pink Floyd or their song “The Wall”

I was thinking what good reason does Trump have to push a (add expletive here) wall, I only came up with one answer.  All his life he has been safe because he lives behind walls. Is it possible he doesn’t know of any other way to keep safe?

All this thinking made me think.  (now I sound like Trump) .. Anyway the song New Working Day by Steve Forbert came to me.  These words especially.

Some guys fear Capital Gains Tax
Some people more then get by
Watching through gates from their seaside estates
They’re amazed at how hard you still try.


If you’re a fan of Forbert you know his uncanny ability to read human nature in his songs. Just like above I was ‘Thinkin‘  and it gave me nothing but ‘Complications

New Working Day