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Nautical Business Card / Double Sided

Nautical Business Card

Beautiful business card with a sail boat on the front. This is perfect for anyone with a love of sailing. When I was making it I thought how nice it would be for someone who offers sailing on an island. That is why I put the island image on the back. When you change the text you can also change the image on the back if you have a special logo of your own. The text for the name of your business is blue like the background of the main part of the card. Contact information sits in the center next to the sail boat. There is an area at the bottom right for your email address, URL or anything you like. Leaving this area blank also looks good.

On the back of the card the picture sits in the center. It can be deleted or changed to whatever you want. Just like the front of the card the back is a gradient sky blue with black bars. Instead of being across the top of the card like on the front the black bars are on either side running perpendicular to the line on front. This gives the card a unique artistic look. You can leave the black areas blank. I took the initials of the company name on front and ran them vertically on the bars. There is an area under the island for text. I used a URL as an example. This area can hold whatever text you like.

This quality design is on an equally fine product that is ready for you to customize. If you are interested in a different color scheme message me using the contact link below or use any of the contact links on Leatherwood Design shops.

For more great double sided design business, occupation and hobby cards visit Leatherwood Business. Also nice cards for the high school graduate.
If you want to be certain to have a business card that is perfect for your occupation and establishment I do custom designs. Send your name and information regarding what you would like through the contact link below. I will get back to you within 24 hours. I hope you like my work.

nautical business card

Get matching business card case for these great cards

It’s a Dogs Life Snow Photograph Layout

These great photographs are for viewing and identification purposes. Many of the photos I find have no reliable link so I am asking viewers to please add a comment and link if they know who took any of the photos. Photos will be removed at artists request. In the meantime enjoy today’s post.

Equal time is now given to all types of dogs in the snow. Another winter holiday layout of some of out most treasured companions.