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Happy Earth Day Lets Help Mother Earth Today

I found a couple things that will make you think about what we are doing to the planet we call home. I suggest you read my lens on Earth Day is Every Day. There are facts and polls plus a quiz on climate control that will help you to see how much you really know about Earth Day. Please take a couple minutes to look over it. I am sure you will find a number of things to pique your interest.


earth day

 Earth DayThere are more photos and educational videos on the lens. Please answer the poll and quiz

I put this video together hoping it would make a difference but it did not get seen very much. Perhaps you can help get this message out by sharing the video with your friends and contacts

Earth Day, Every Day

This Squidoo information lens’ is about Mother Earth. There is a poll about the ‘Tipping Point’. Please visit and vote. This is just one of the images on Earth Day, Every Day. The earth is sick and we are the disease.

The comic strip is funny. The truth about what man is doing to the environment is not.

Earth Day is Every Day

Earth Day is Every Day - Leatherwood Design

Global warming is no longer something to doubt.Ā  Show your support with an organic t shirt. Great for men, women or children. Buy this on sweatshirt, hoodie, zip up hoodie, toddlers t shirts and even baby onsies. It is never too early to learn about Mother Earth.