Kitty Cat Snow Photos – Baby It’s Cold Outside

I love cats and there is not shortage of images with them to enjoy. I picked out some of the best I could find with our furry friends in the snow.

These great photographs are for viewing only. Many of the photos I find have no reliable link so I am asking viewers to please add a comment and link if they know who took any of the photos. Photos will be removed at artists request.

In the meantime enjoy today’s post.

This is a fantastic photo not just the angle and the place it was taken from but the colors are beautiful.

Too sweet this little Santa kitten
 Another wonderful capture with amazing clarity and beautiful color
 I believe this is my favorite picture in this series what a great capture
Nobody can see me now
 Just beautiful Рlooks like a sleepy statue
¬†I can’t go another step without a nap
 What beautiful color this kitty has, wonderful shot
 On the prowl again
¬†Hey I’m over here, nobody can see me in the snow
 Not a very happy kitty
  This is great with the snow falling
 Guard duty can be a cold job
 Beautiful Calico
Pretty cat and wonderful image
¬†Cat’s eye view, what a blue sky
 Thought I saw a putty tat, oh I am a putty tat
Blue eyes in the snow
 Time to say good bye, I hope you stop back again !

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