How to Make Free Picasa Video Part 1

How to Make Free Picasa Video Part 1 is the start of a tutorial on making a slide video good for advertising or sharing photographs.

Make Free Picasa Video

I was asked how I put together my videos. I never even thought that I might know something that some else might be interested in knowing. I am going to try to cover the steps needed to put together a free and professional looking video that you can share on Youtube or wherever you may want to use it.
The first thing you will need to do is get Googles Picasa – it is a free photo program that works well with any type of picture not just photos. Download it at

I call it a video but I guess it really an upscale slide show.




Part 1

You can easily load photographs from your camera to Picasa or import saved files to view on Picasa. My favorite part of acquiring photos from my camera is that Picasa gives you the option to erase all the photos you are putting on the computer from your camera . This saves time that would be needed later to delete photos from your camera.  In Picasa there is an area where you can make collages which is one of the things I do for certain parts of my photo videos. Your options are to make a mosaic, a picture pile, a framed mosaic, a grid or a contact sheet which is a nice variety to choose from.

Below is a photo that shows all the options I just mentioned.

Make Free Picasa Video

The first option is mosaic which can be a lot of fun for you to work with and give you different ways to put your photos together. If you have a bunch of photos or images you would like to show on one frame of your video this is a great way to set them up. You will get the option of putting a grid between the photos and you can pick the color and the size you want the grid to be. When you have your pics in the grid they are easy to remove and replace and you have a shuffle button. This allows you to choose where you want the photos to display. I just figured this out about the shuffle – the program picks a layout and each time you hit shuffle it move the photos to a different space. Once all your photos have been shown in different areas the computer gives you a new grid.

Make Free Picasa Video

The image below is with the same photos as the first one. The grid is black and wider and the photos have been shuffled.

mosaic 2

I will discuss the other parts of the collage in my next post on How to Make a Picasa Video Free Part 2.  In the meantime you can play around with the program and get some hands on experience making a mosaic.

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