What Can I Say About Kratom ?

I have just discovered the fantastic effects of this plant. No more depression and I have been able to stop taking Tramadol. I actually want to get going in the daytime and feel like doing so much. I was sure that I was never going to feel like doing anything again after many years of pain killers. When they took Darvon off the market I tried to feel normal but never did. I have been doing my due diligence in order to find the best vendor and type of Kratom to use. My first purchase was for White Indo which is quite good. The vendor I got the purchase from sells a powder called Salvia but I think I am too old to try that route again. It sounds quite interesting and five years ago I might have tried it. I just went with the Kratom and am so glad I did.

I purchased a capsule making machine in order to keep cost down.

Tip on the process of capsule filling

The machine I purchased makes 100 capsules size 00. I have found that a purchase of 1 gram is not quite enough to fill all 100 capsules. I get approximately 80 that are tamped tightly. If I don’t tamp the powder down I could fill up to 94 capsules.  ~~~ I am going to add a page dedicated to my findings.