Beautiful Artisitic Cat Pendant 16 G 14k

When I came across this I had to share it. I am an animal lover and cats are at the top of the list. Probably because I have two of them and that is the animal I spend most of my time with. I do see other animals everyday but out in the yard. Today there were the usual squirrels and chipmunks with the birds. As the evening approached there was a raccoon. I believe it is a pregnant female because she is not easily persuaded to leave. Every year there is a female raccoon that has babies nearby and then brings them to the yard to raid the bird feeders. I think our yard has become a tradition handed down from mother to daughter raccoon every year. Just about an hour ago there was a black bear. It then started to rain and has been quiet ever since. I digress ….. this pendant is fabulous. The expression on the kitties face is magnificent. I don’t know if this solid gold cat is talking or hissing at an enemy. I think talking …. Maybe he is just guarding the 16 grams of 14k gold the pendant is made of.Ā  I am writing this post 6/5/2014 and the pendant is marked down 47%.

CleverEve's 14K Gold Pendant Cat 16 - Gram(s)

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