Wind Chime – Unique and Beautiful Agate Slices

Wind Chime – Unique and Beautiful Agate Slices for Home or Garden Decor.


* ROBUST! Beyond its beauty, this wind chime is robust, consisting of thick agate slices that can withstand strong winds, and held together by a sturdy semi-transparent fishing line. This means you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

* BUILT FROM AMAZING GEMSTONES. You’re getting a chime built from an ancient natural gemstone that has been treasured for millenia…Most of the world’s agate is born from ancient volcanic lava, and is characterized by its fineness of grain and bright, unique color patterns.

* MADE IN BRAZIL. This chime is made in the southern Brazilian countryside, home to the world’s largest agate deposits.

You risk absolutely nothing. Our wind chimes are backed by an unconditional 100% 2-year no-risk no-nonsense money back guarantee.

We have a limited supply of this very popular product. Grab yours today

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