Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day WAKE UP


Beautiful photographs to promote animal and ecological awareness. This video was put to the fine music of Green Day, the song Wake Me Up When September Ends.
Some of the photos are my own but many are from various artist over the net. I did not know I would be using them and therefore am not certain who the original photographers are. I will add credits here to anyone who owns one of these amazing photos and sends me their information including a link to where it is displayed. This is a non profit piece made to heighten the awareness of our beautiful planet and we must remembered that even when we do not see these things they are there for everyone of us. Unfortunately on an hourly basis more and more of this irreplaceable beauty is eradicated by mans hand. I sincerely hope that none of the artists who’s work is included here find any copyright infringement that will allow YouTube to pull this piece. The planet needs to be represented.

Thank you