Titmouse Rescued by Bird Buddy

I did not know that birds helped one another like this. One flew into a window and was knocked out and the other helped him. The titmouse on the bottom was not moving and I thought that the one on top was attacking it. But as soon as the hurt one moved it stopped and it looks like they had a bit of a talk and a thank you afterward. There were other birds of this species around at the time. It only takes one individual to take action and a life can be saved. Man needs to do this more.
It was cold out but from experience I don’t think that there would have been any risk to the bird that hit the window. I was getting ready to go outside and pick him up until he was ready to fly again. Needless to say not only did the rescue bird save his buddy but he saved me having to put a coat on.

keep it safe for our feathered friends around your windows

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