Tips on Picking a Good Hairstylist

I have been to many stylists over the years and have had a variety of different experiences, not excluding the occasional nightmare. The last couple of times I got my hair cut I was extremely pleased with the outcome. It is cut just like I wanted and easy to manage. Getting your hair done is a very personal thing that can be quite traumatizing when done wrong. The experience is not just what you end up looking like but it is also how the stylist takes care of you. 
When you have a stylist that does not discuss what you want your hair to look like before starting you should stop him/her and tell them what you want. Needless to say this can be the fist step to a bad hair cut, perm or style. I feel it is best to fix your hair so that you can easily point out the areas you want changed or updated. This way the stylist can see what you usually do and how your hair lays. Remember your stylist is not a magician but you might be surprised at what the stylist can do.
I now go to Bugden’s Total Image Design and Hair Replacement Center in Shenandoah Pa. Betty Ann, the owner, cut my hair and is really great at listening. I had no trouble telling her exactly what I wanted and she gave me the perfect cut. I would recommend Betty Ann Bugden to anyone looking for a stylist in the Schuylkill County area. Since the simple cut that I got is by far the least of her skills you will find a variety of customers in her salon, both male and female.

Thank you Betty Ann  (◡‿◡✿)

Here is some information
30 South Main Street, Shenandoah, Pennsylvania    ☚
 Phone(570) 462-1101


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