Tiffany and Stained Glass iPhone 5 Cases

iPhone 5 Cases Tiffany and Stained Glass Look

Tiffany style glass is one of the most beautiful types of art. Like the stained glass windows you see in Catholic churches. Bright colors are the norm for this type of art work.  The subject in most Tiffany includes flowers, birds and other forms of nature. The dragon-fly is a common theme used.  I am partial to the color purple and one of my favorite themes is Wisteria. On a lamp shade the design is incorporated so it hangs down just like these gorgeous purple flowers. They grow wild in my area and are a threat every summer. The look of Tiffany and Stained glass is one of the great things that is achieved with computer art. Some designs are all done with the work of a computer and others by using  photographs of a Tiffany style lamp or accent piece. In the end all the work is finished using the good old computer. This post contains some of my favorite finds from Zazzle.

Stained Glass by Tiffany Cover For iPhone 5CStained Glass by Tiffany

Stained Glass Flowers iPhone 5 CaseStained Glass Flowers 

Art Nouveau Vintage Stained Glass Peacock iPhone 5 CoversArt Nouveau 

iPhone 5 CaseiPhone 5 Case

iPhone 5 CaseiPhone 5 Case

Orange and Blue Tiffany IPhone 5  Case iPhone 5 CoverOrange and Blue Tiffany 

Orange Agate Tiffany Look iPhone 5 CaseOrange Agate Tiffany 


La Chanteuse IV iPhone 5 CaseLa Chanteuse IV iPhone 5 

Shine and Rise iPhone 5 CaseShine and Rise iPhone 5 

When The West Wind Blows iPhone 5 CaseWhen The West Wind