Their Military Themed Wedding – The Ring

A beautiful young lady sits at the side of a picturesque wooded area with a winding brook. It is cool and the sun dapples through the overhanging trees. The blinking streams of sunlight giving off the look of shining diamonds on the water.  The effect is ironic in a romantic way because in front of her is a handsome young man on his knee. He is holding out a small box with the lid clicked open. Inside sits a gorgeous ring. A sterling silver band holds a perfect round diamond centered with tiny rubies and sapphires on either side. Needless to say she is overjoyed when he presents her with this unique engagement ring. He is a soldier and chose the ring with red and blue stones because they had discussed getting married over the months and agreed that a wedding with a military theme was how they wanted to share their union with family and friends. He slides the ring onto her finger and she bursts out in tears of joy as they embrace beside the babbling brook that flashes with sunlight. The shimmering water looks like a subtle firework display to honor their love.