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Ultimate Cat Condo Modern Cat Tree

Ultimate Cat Condo

Contoure Modern Cat Tree (walnut stain)

For keeping your home sleek and modern and at the same time making sure kitty has his very own hang out this is perfect. If you have a small place with no room for kitties frills this works out nice. It looks like a piece of furniture and is a great conversation piece.
No matter where you choose to put it your cat is sure to love being able to climb up out of the way. Cats really love to be high off the ground.

Great Cat Tree Condo Furniture High Reviews

Cat Tree Condo Furniture

These are some great play and sleep areas for anyone with more than one kitty cat.  I bet there will be some competition over who claims rights over the neat hammocks in the center. My cats have a house with a loft plus they like to go outdoors so this is something I won’t use. That doesn’t stop me from checking out all the fantastic cat trees there are.  I will only post those that have a high rating so don’t be afraid to follow the links and make a purchase.

Go Pet Club 77-Inch Cat Tree, Brown/Black

This is one big tree house.  I love that is has natural rope because many felines are just turned off it the tree is made of only synthetic material.
Posts covered by natural sisal rope Covering
Material: Faux Fur
Board Material: Pressed Wood Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included.



The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower in Espresso

If you prefer something that will blend in with modern decor you might like this all wood art deco design cat tree. It may take some getting used to for the cat but you will have a beautiful piece of furniture. I almost did not list this even though it has a four plus star rating.  A few of the reviews mentioned that it was impossible to put together. After further research I found that the maker released a note:
In 2011, Amazon customers received a bad batch of Lotus Cat Towers. Those customers expressed their dissatisfaction in the Feedback section. Any customer who received one of these defective units was entitled to a refund through Amazon. Since that batch in 2011, we have changed factories and implemented a tighter Quality Control process. We are confident you and your cat will love the Lotus Cat Tower for its quality and design.

  • Brown Berber carpet attached with Velcro
  • Sisal pad is perfect for scratching
  • Soft cushions with washable faux suede covers above and inside hide-a-way cubby




Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This is a smaller tree that is great for one kitty.  It has no loss of fun things for your furry baby to do.  I really like the ladder in the center.  Just like the first cat condo / tree it is wrapped with natural fibers.  Just think of all the furniture you will save from being clawed with these three scratching posts.

  • Posts covered by natural sisal rope
  • Covering Material: Faux Fur Board Material: Pressed Wood

Go Pet Club Brown Cat Tree, F49



Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture

I am not sure about this one as far as the ratings but I like the symmetry

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture, 106-Inch, Beige