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Green Leaves Wall Clocks

Green Leaves Wall Clocks

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Green Leaves Frameless Wall Clock

This custom clock’s got designs on your wall, so it knows how to stand out wherever it hangs (and still have a great time). Its frameless, gloss-finish face and exposed clock hands bring modern style, making this one clock you’re sure to love every minute.

  • Made of eco-friendly hardboard with gloss-finish face
  • Elegant, exposed clock hands
  • 16″ diameter

Green Leaves Wall Clock Wall Clock

Decorate any room in your home or office with our 10 inch analog wall clock.

  • Precise quartz movements to guarantee accurate time
  • Black plastic case with clear plastic lens
  • 10″ diameter

Green Leaves Wall Clock Modern Wall Clock

With a stylish aluminum body and sturdy glass face, this Modern Wall Clock is both great-looking and durable. Measuring 14″ in diameter, it’s perfect for the office, kitchen, TV room, or wherever you need that modern touch. Featuring Quartz movement for true accuracy, it operates on a single “AA” battery (included).

  • Measures 14″ in diameter
  • Quartz movement
  • Aluminum body
  • Plexiglas Front Cover

Green Leaves Wall Clock Large Wall Clock

Measuring an impressive 17″ in diameter, this Large Wall Clock is easy to read from across the room. Ideal for the game room, garage, or wherever people gather, it features a rugged plastic body and face. The eye-catching clock has quality Quartz movement and operates on a single “AA” battery (included).

  • Measures 17″ in diameter
  • Quartz movement
  • Plastic body and face

Green Leaves Wooden Wall Clock

This beautiful wood-framed wall clock has a birch finish for a modern and stylish look. Find the perfectly customized design and it’s sure to look great with your dĂ©cor. Plus, the oversized wall clock is easy to read and oh so timely.

  • Birch wood finish
  • 16″ diameter

Cute Cartoon Animal Designs

Cute Cartoon Animal Designs

These sweet little animals and the mouth a.k.a. the grill are all Leatherwood Designs and  are in my Cafepress shop Lwood Critters
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