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Surreal Animal Home Octopus Gift Box

Surreal  Animal Home Octopus Gift Box

When I found this great Octopus drawing it reminded me of a horror story. It looks like this giant sea creature is crawling  down the halls of a hospital.  Great artwork ……..

Favorite Surreal Posters / Fine Art

Favorite Surreal Posters

Surreal art is one of the best ways to express an imagination that is not quite in the realm of the normal.  Everyone has had an unusual dream but not many can take those dreams and produce mind blowing art.  I have a dedicated area on my blog for all things surreal. In this post I have collected some of my favorite surreal posters for you to enjoy. I prefer the darker side of things and that is true with my choices in surrealism. There are a few colorful works that catch my eye but they do not always leave me in contemplation. I guess that means I don’t dream in color leading me to the black and white / dark art. These works are available on Zazzle where you can get these posters and more. When you click on an image and go to the poster there will be other products with the same and / or similar art.  I hope you enjoy my choices and if you do perhaps you will follow my blog for more recommendations on this unusual form of art.

Favorite Surreal Posters - Flying Dutchman Phantom PostersFlying Dutchman Phantom Posters

Favorite Surreal Posters - Surrealism PrintSurrealism Print

Favorite Surreal Posters - Underwater Dreams PostersUnderwater Dreams Posters

Favorite Surreal Posters - decay printDecay print

Favorite Surreal Posters - Unreality Show PosterUnreality Show Poster

Favorite Surreal Posters - Bottle of Rain PostersBottle of Rain Posters

Favorite Surreal Posters - The Road Ahead PrintThe Road Ahead Print

Favorite Surreal Posters - Noah's Ark PrintNoah’s Ark Print

Favorite Surreal Posters - Cubic Trickery PostersCubic Trickery Posters

Favorite Surreal Posters - Surrealistic Keyboard PosterSurrealistic Keyboard Poster