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My Easy Mashed Potato Recipe for My Favorite Comfort Food

Mashed potato recipe for my favorite comfort food

for 2
6 small or 4 big potatoes
1/8 to 1/2 stick butter – amount, you decide.  I think butter is the best but use what ever you like. Lately I have used the lower fat stuff. Growing up we used margarine
pepper to your taste – I add a few shakes and let my husband add the rest of the can on his servings ( he likes pepper 🙂
1 tablespoon salt – add more to your taste
1/4 medium onion sliced thin
1/4 cup maybe more milk – add until you get the consistency you want – Out of milk?  I mix together coffee Creamer and water as a substitute.

Peel and cube  the potatoes . Cover with water.
Add  salt and onion and boil for 20 minutes on high.
When water comes to full boil turn heat down to medium high.
Use a lid or strainer to strain the water off the potatoes.
Whip using hand mixer or electric hand mixer.
Add butter and salt to taste.
slowly add milk until you get the texture you looking for. Stiffer potatoes are perfect when you have gravy, the more milk you add the creamier the potatoes.  Don’t let them get too watery but if you do you could save them by adding some instant mashed potatoes.

Mashed potato recipe