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Ultra Unique Regulation Dart Board

Unique Regulation Dart Board – This is a super cool looking dart board and it is ready for your next game. An unusual design sets it apart from every other dart board out there. It has a gold background that is covered by a spiral that starts in the middle at the bulls eye and works it’s way out to cover the entire edge. The addition of little white stars between each number adds a mystical touch to this already fantastic regulation dart board.

Custom dartboard from ProfiledInk and Zazzle! Featuring vibrant color printing, this regulation size dartboard is a great gift or the perfect addition to your game room. This regulation dart board will definitely hit its mark!
  • Vibrant, full-color printing.
  • Regulation size board (18” diameter, 1” thick).
  • Includes 6 brass darts (3 American flag dart flights and 3 UK dart flights).
  • Finished with aluminum frame and hanging hook.