Secret Code for Zazzle Shop Settings

If you want to put a space between things in your Zazzle store page description you can’t just use the html code &nbps . I figured a way to do it without the code, there maybe a simpler way but this is what I do.

I just add periods …….. 
The problem that arises is blending the periods with your background. 
Add this code using the number of characters you need to make the space as big as you need. This might take a few trys to get it just right 
<font color=XXXX>………….</font color>
For basic colors you can just add the color where the XXXX’s – black or white.
For other colors you will need to add the hex code. Just  go to your appearance section and get the code from your main background and place it where the XXXX’s are.  #c3c3c3.
I am using the code here <font color=black>………….</font color>When put into HTML
This is what you get
I am using the code here ………….When put into HTML

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