Rid Yourself of Annoying Robo Calls Do Not Call Registry

I remember the do not call registry being implemented years ago. I thought that it was no longer in use but after the 3rd robo call today I did more research and found it. I just added my home landline to it and have  my fingers crossed that it will work. It says 30 days until they stop, I wish I would have looked for this 30 days ago.  I hope this will help others out there in the same situation.
The FTC encourages you to report your experience to them online via the agency’s National Do Not Call Registry or at (888) 382-1222. Also consider reporting these calls to your carrier. For example, Verizon’s Unlawful Call Center phone number is (800) 257‐2969.
You can add up to 3 numbers, both landline and cell phones.

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