Reducing Your TV Bill by Cutting the Cord to DishTV


Reducing Your TV Bill

I am starting to realize that there is no way to keep paying the high fees for Satellite TV when retiring. I wish I had looked into this sooner. Looks like I could have been saving enough to pay the house taxes each year. Currently I am trying to figure out how to keep getting local stations for the news, the big broadcast stations like NBC, CBS and ABC. We live in the country with no way to get cable run out our way. Before satellite we used Rabbit Ear antennae. I have been looking into antennae and found that there are antennae on the market that will receive HDTV.

That seems to be the easiest thing to fix.  Deciding which to get is where my research efforts are being directed right now.

This indoor / outdoor antennae for HDTV has highest reviews by customers using them.
Winegard FreeVision FV-30BB HDTV Antenna

What I like about this antennae is that is states it is  ” Compatible With Any Digital Tuner Including HDTVs, TiVo, Satellite Receivers & Computers “.  With this antennae many of your favorite shows are available for free and in 1080 HD–watch multi-cast over-the-air broadcast channels your cable provider can’t show you including local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX kids shows, news and weather.

It can be used indoors or outdoors. My favorite part is it has 30 days free tech support.  This is great to ease your mind about the product but I don’t understand why one would need tech support to put up an antennae.

  • Receives Purest Uncompressed HD & DTV Signals
  • 0-30 Mile Range

Winegard FreeVision Antenna


This is just one step in the process of reducing your TV bill. I am not yet convinced that this is the antennae for me so I will be researching more.

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