Question of This Day Answer

Question 0002-
Which animal has square poop?
  1. Wombat
  2. Koala
  3. Tapir
  4. Platypus 

 Wombats are short-legged, muscular quadrupedal marsupials that are native to Australia. Wombats leave their cube-shaped scat as territorial signposts on the tops of rocks and logs. This distinct shape is beneficial since the flat sides of the cubes keep the droppings in place on their precarious locations.

Question 0001
Which of these animals is extinct ?
  1. Platypus
  2. Black Spider Monkey
  3.  Mexican Grizzly Bear
  4. Gray Wolf

Think grizzlies only lived in cold places? The Mexican grizzly, like the grizzly that lives in the norther U.S. and Canada, are both subspecies of the brown bear. The Mexican subspecies was hunted to extinction by ranchers because the bears would kill their livestock. Only 30 were left by 1960, but by 1964 it was considered extinct.