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I am not going to lie and say how wonderful the product is but I will say that it is on my ‘ I Want ‘ list. I am a big reader especially of horror, Stephen King is probably my favorite author. I have heard nothing but good things about the Kindle, I can’t wait to give my own review. In the meantime when you are buying anything over the Internet please take some time and read the customer reviews. You will get more from knowing what a customer who has used the product has to say than just relying on the printed information. You have to take into consideration a few things when reading these reviews. First remember there is always someone who is not happy with something about the product. You will be surprised to see that many of the complaints have nothing to do with the actual product but with shipping or how the item looks. Amazon is one of the best places to get personal customer reviews on products. They have a star system for easy to see ratings that are easy to read. You can choose to look at only the ratings given with 1 star or 5 stars with a simple click. At the top of any item page you will see 1 to five stars with the word reviews and a number indicating the amount of people who have purchased and reviewed that product. Only people who have purchased the item can leave a review.  Clicking on the little down arrow after the stars will open the handy little summary shown below.  If you click on the stars you go straight to all the reviews. You can click on the numbers to see only the review with that many stars. I would deduct that this Kindle Paperwhite is a great purchase just by looking at the review numbers. Over fourteen thousand of the people who purchased it left a review.
Out of those 14,000 plus 700 gave this product the lowest rating. On an expensive purchase don’t just go by the numbers. I would check to see why those people gave the item a low rating. A lot of the time the low rating could be given because they did not like the color or the navigation was harder than they thought. By reading some of the various reviews you can find out if the item is what you are looking for. In other words if you wanted easy navigation it would be good to see how many people found the navigation difficult and why. This way you can make a much more informed purchase. At Leatherwood Design I don’t want anyone to be blue and doing these few easy steps will make for a much happier customer. Now to get 14,000 customer to like my products 🙂

How to read reviews
How to read reviews

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