Embroidered Caps

I have just been adding items to my store “Toppings” and was concentrating on the upcoming Holidays. I started out with making hats with names and their meanings and just kept adding to this. There are three different style hats you can get and dozens of colors. The best part of this is that you can add any name or saying you like to these quality items and you get a 30 day full money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results.

These make great gifts

Here are just a few you can get as is or you will find the option to change it anyway you see fit. Change what is says (one pesky thing I know is that finding the name you want spelled just like yours is sometimes impossible to do), change the hat style, the hat color, the font, the font color, the embroidery style and best of all watch as the embroidery is stitched. And if you are not satisfied just don’t buy it but better yet wait until you get it and then decide. I am positive you are going to be more than happy with the final product so just check these out today.
Liam Name Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Liam Name Cap / Hat by toppings

Next are just some of the funny caps

For your favorite baldy

Funny Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Funny Cap / Hat by toppings

For the carpenter in all

Funny Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Funny Cap / Hat by toppings

Let them know it’s that time of the month šŸ™‚

Funny Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Funny Cap / Hat by toppings

Funny Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Funny Cap / Hat by toppings

Some single word statements

Procrastinator Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Winner Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Also some dark and fantasy caps
Nymph Slayer Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Vampire Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Goddess Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Neat candy & pet name caps

Pet Name Cap / Hat embroideredhat

Pet Name Cap / Hat embroideredhat

Pet Name Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Make an occupational cap

Chef Cap / Hat embroideredhat

Twelve Days of Christmas

I had a teacher who needed something quick to include all the kids in a play skit so I put these together for her. There is a cap for each day that are similarĀ 

Leaping Lord Cap / Hat embroideredhat
More fun Christmas caps

Scrooge Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Santa's Bitch Cap / Hat embroideredhat
Visit Toppings for more great caps …….. see them allĀ 


Hand Color – Vintage Photographs with a Tint

Vintage and antique photographs with an added bit of color. Many people work with vintage / old photographs and simply add a color tint. This can be a fun and satisfying way to express yourself. Especially if you have a creative flare but lack the artistic ability to draw to your liking. It can actually bring back the nostalgia of youth and the carefree time spent coloring.

It is best to choose something that you can add just a few simple colors to and most times just one is more than enough. You can purchase paints and other items to make sure that your work is as professional as you like. You can use anything from oil based paint to colored markers to create your one of a kind treasures. It would be a good bet to read up on this unique artwork before you attempt to do it.

Click on an image below to view the photograph and/or site related.

If you have work like this you would like featured here comment or email.


How to Date a Photograph

The title sounds like I am going to tell you how to say “do you want to go out with me?” In reality I would like to give you some pointers on how to determine the relative age of a photograph. You can not always tell by the condition of the photograph so get to know the style of dress and items in it such as old cars, household items even hairstyles. You will sometime come across a hairstyle that sticks out but remember there were always fashion rebels.