Oil Pulling Really Does Work

This is something I feel I must share. It is an ancient Japanese remedy for your teeth. I had an abscess on a tooth and it was a Friday night. Knowing there was no way to get to the dentist until Monday I had to do something to relieve the pain. I looked on the internet and got to check out drsylvanfain.com here. I actually had the tools on hand to do. The method is called ‘Oil Pulling‘. When I told my dentist about this he looked at me questioningly, we had a laugh when he asked Motor Oil?  No folks not motor oil but olive oil. First let me say that I had my doubts this sounded just too strange and even too easy. I thought that I was reading a joke that someone had put on the internet. If you have ever looked up a home remedy for something ailing you I am sure you came across quite a few of these jokers recommendations. I spent quite awhile researching this new found ‘Oil Pulling‘.

What I found is that ‘Oil Pulling’ is a traditional Indian folk remedy and can help with many things other than teeth. I used a tablespoon of light Virgin Olive Oil and swished it in my mouth for 15 minutes. Before I found this remedy on the net I was using regular table salt and warm water rinses. I did the oil pulling in the morning and in 2 days the pain was totally gone and the swelling was almost gone. I also noticed that my teeth were actually getting whiter. I was amazed and didn’t even bother to call the dentist. That cost was averted.

This is where the dentist comes in. I use an Oral B rotating toothbrush and banged it against my tooth where the abscess was one day. Nothing happened at first and I was thinking it is great how strong out teeth are to handle a bang like the one I just inflicted. That evening the pain started and it was just too much to bear. I again started the ‘Oil Pulling‘ and it helped but I still felt pain every time I bent over. I knew I smashed it and figured there might be a crack in the tooth that air was getting into. I made the dreaded dental appointment. Up to smashing the tooth with the brush things were going well and my teeth never looked whiter.

How I Use the Oil
Using light olive oil you pour a tablespoon and stick it into your mouth. Then you hold it in you mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. Swishing it around lightly through that time. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. It is supposed to pull the poisons our of you gums and into the oil which you spit out after 15 to 20 minutes. After doing this just two times the abscess was nearly gone. I know using the antibiotics that the dentist would have given would have taken much longer.

I tried a couple different types of oil and found the delicate tasting to be the easiest to use.

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