Nutmeg Leather Look Serving Tray  

Why use leather?


Due to its durability and comfort, leather has been used for seating throughout the history of transportation and furniture. It has always been the ideal material for making saddles and tack, as well as footwear. During the Middle Ages, leather became the cover of choice for dining chairs, because it was easy to maintain and did not absorb the odor of food – a fact that is still true today.

Modern technology has allowed for innovation in the leather industry, as the development of chemicals and sophisticated processing methods have greatly expanded the aesthetics and feel of leather as well as the possible applications and manufacturing tools, so here are the top 10 best self-healing cutting mats for leather [2019 Reviews]. Leather continues to be the luxury material of choice, not just for commercial and residential furniture but for automotive, aviation and marine applications as well.

We believe nothing adds richness to a room like leather. Natural leather is not only strong, durable and sustainable, it offers something that no other material can match – uniqueness. No two hides are identical. This means that your chairs, your sofa – your project will be unique as well. In the hands of a skilled craftsman, unique markings of each hide become celebrated features that separate sameness. Leather also appeals to the senses. It begs to be touched and over time and wear becomes more beautiful with age.

Nutmeg Leather Serving Tray

by kahmier