Neat Beach Cooler Will Blow Your Mind

Neat  Beach Cooler Will Blow Your Mind

This is an awesome find and can now be pre ordered. I think the neatest thing this cooler offers is the rechargeable blender. But that is simply not the best thing it has.   The other features are great.  Plug in your phone to recharge. Use plates stored in top as a cutting board. A divided ice section to keep your drinks and food. Tires for pulling it on the beach and a bungee cord to help carry all your extras on top. There is also a light inside the lid to make it easy to see what is inside. I for one have spent too much time looking for a flashlight when camping to look in the cooler at night. I always seem to end up sticking my hand into a pool of ice water and just feel around.  If you want something specific good luck.

It has a USB charger for your phone.

and a light so you don’t have to carry a flashlight when searching for something at night.

It has a light so you can see which beer you're getting in the dark.