My Kratom Day Not Such an April Fool 2020

This year I feel like perhaps we are all fools. Enough of that Coronovirus thinking.

I have wanted to do posts to describe my life and use of Kratom since October 2019. That is when I discovered this sweet little miracle plant. I have found my favorite place to buy it and am relatively sure of my favorite strains.

I just ‘tossed and washed’ three 1/2 teaspoons of Yellow Bali. (10:25pm). I have not used this strain before and I am hoping it helps me with things like writing this post and eventually winding down for the day. I have tried the red strains to help relax and I am not sure they are what I need to help me sleep. I have had insomnia for decades and need Ambien to get any sleep. It would be great if there were a magic strain that would make me sleep. But just feeling good is priceless especially during the turmoil in the world with the Covid 19 pandemic.

Update (10:51pm) Feeling really good. Not tired. Focused on finding links for items and putting this together. Listening to The Rachael Maddow Show. (my clocks are fast by an hour so it is only (9:51pm)

I got a sample of the Yellow Bali with my order. Kraoma sends two samples with every order.

Update(11:35pm by my clock) I finished a load of wash and had something to eat. I did not eat anything today. Hopefully I won’t start craving a lot ‘of food. White Bali is my favorite strain but it does get my appetite going.  I just can’t stop munching and my cooking skills have become exceptional. I wish that I naturally felt the way  Kratom makes me feel because I missed out on much of my life. I have, (had) depression and did not want to do anything, just getting out of bed was difficult. I have been on a bunch of different prescription drugs over the years. Some worked after a few weeks but did not last. Kratom just wiped it all away. I actually love life now and my husband even said to my doctor that I am always cleaning and busy doing things now. This miracle does not affect everyone the same so you will have to do some ‘hit and miss’ to find the right amount to take and what is the best strain for you.

Read the mission statement to get a feel for the company Kraoma. If you are already a fan of Kratom check out the discount bundles they offer.

It is now (12:00 am on my clock) I am still feeling the get up and go of the Yellow Bali. I only took three half teaspoons. I am going to do some design work in my Zazzle store.  I will try to post an entire day and what I take soon. Keep safe out there!!

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