Marijuana Trophies for winners of Best New Hybrid And MORE

All the text can be customized to fit your event . The rectangle is set for 1st place it is up to judges what they want

I have to appo[lagize for my crewed typing. I haccw a trigger finger in a splint and I took an ambien to sleep.

I can’t wait until weed is legal in Pennsylvania. Pot is all i need to sleep and ease the pain in the finger. Plus I write prose when I’m high . As an art designer I believe pot should be given to me. I get so many goood and totaaly awesome ideas and actuaklly follow through with them when I am high. Hopefully  I will be able To buy it here before I die.  In the meantime I am trying to provide the product medical marijuana and head shops will need to have on hand, I wish I knew them all,

. Rectangular Acrylic Breeders Trophy Acrylic Award