Making the Talk of the Town in Black Heels

If you ever find yourself scratching your head about which shoes to wear keep this is mind.  Black goes with everything. It may not be the  color  you were looking to add but they are the universal fall back color.  Black heels can do more than cover your feet, they can add a statement about the wearer.  It is a good idea to keep at least one pair of black  heel in your closet.

Platform Heels with Straps

These are very sexy looking with straps. They are a bit too high for me but if you like a platform shoe with a very high heel these will be great.  Some women can wear  a shoe like this for hours with no problems.

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Black  Leather Pump

These leather pumps look so comfortable.  They have a 4+ star rating by customers owning the shoes.  The reviews are excellent and these shoes pass for quality and comfort.  A pair of heels you should have in your closet ready for wear.

Black Leather Pump

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Peep Toe Dress Sandals

Heels Peep Tote Pump

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