LUCID 10-Inch Latex Foam Mattress Ventilated Latex CertiPUR-US Certified Foam  

I just bought this for a twin bed and boy am I happy I did because it is one great mattress. I did quite a bit of research on all different types of mattresses. There are more out there than I imagined. I got a platform bed with wooden slats and do not need a box spring for the mattress. This mattress is firm enough for me after sleeping on coil mattress it is heavenly. Nothing sticking up the slightest. I was worried about not having the coils and the foam sinking in and creating bumps where our weight went. After reading about all kind of mattress options I found that the ones with latex and foam were the best and will not do this. The other great part of this was that the mattress was shipped for free in a box. It is compressed and you simply need to open the plastic outer layer and it expands to the full size. This was amazing. I thought for sure it would never be firm enough but was wrong. If you want comfort and do not want to go out shopping and have delivery men coming over this is for you. I give the Lucid mattress and A+. Just ordered a second one for a full size bed.  I am a side sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper and it is great for both of us.  I think I covered all the things that kept me searching through everything. Find the best mattress stores on this website.

-Good for side and back sleeper
-Medium firm – feels more on the plush side
-Latex and memory foam – keeps shape while conforming to your body and stress points
-Easy set up
-No smell – I am easily turned off by smells from plastics and other things but did not really smell anything with this,
-Keeps cool – the latex sees to this and is naturally resistant to allergens and dust mites

— 25 Year Warranty

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I bought the bed because of the price and the simple yet stylish look of it. Just a bit of wood to blend with our log home and black geometric metal. It really looks quite chic or classy. I am getting the full size for the new mattress.

  Comes in all sizes

BUY/ Info: Zinus Urban Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support , Full