Learning How to Care for Vinyl Record Albums

I am from an age when digital technology was non existent. Without the internet, MP3’s, CD’s and whatever is the newest form of holding music for your listening pleasure we managed to assemble a library of our favorite music.
As a pre-teen the newest thing to have was a small 45 record player. I can recall listening to songs like “I’m a Little Teapot” and “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”. Then as a young teen a battery operated 45 record player and am radio in one was the in thing. It was so ‘cool’ to be able to move from my brothers room to mine and take it with me. Many days were spent with that record player spinning the tunes of the time. One record that jumps to mind for me is a song called “The Battle of New Orleans”.

 When I married  I was shocked by the shear number of vinyl albums my husband has when he first showed me his collection. I learned how to handle and store a record album in a whole different way than the Willy Nilly way I did it. I always kept my albums in their covers but I never worried about them piling up. No more piles of record albums were to be in my life. Each time you listened to an album it was wiped with a static free cloth. It was then, carefully put back into the inside insert and slid back into the album cover. I must say it was a learning experience.

I learned how to properly handle a record album and it is an excellent practice. Not one of my husbands albums has a scratch on it. At least I have yet to find one and I have not made one. My own albums are a mess, from ripped covers to skips from deep scratches. Below are some products to help keep your vinyl albums tip top.

As I said earlier to keep your record albums in the best possible condition it is highly recommended that you store them standing up. The storage cabinet in the photo above was made by my husband but if you can’t or don’t want to make your own there are much easier and widely used ways to store your valuable vinyl.

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