IBio Inc. (NYSE: IBIO) A Company with Real Punch in the Race for Covid-19 Antivirus

I use the words “Real Punch” because once a vaccine for the Coronavirus  is finalized with the use of the following platforms it will be on the fast track to producing enough doses to go a long way.
iBio estimates a 500 million does capacity for Covid-19 vaccine — read here

iBio CDMO, a subsidary of iBio , is a leader across the globe in
plant-based manufacturing with the platforms, FastParming® and FastGlycaneering™ These platforms provide contract development and manufacturing services in a 130,000 square foot facility in Bryan, Texas.

The speed and scalability of FastPharming make it the perfect choice for other innovator companies who want to rapidly produce COVID-19 biologics.

This information was culled directly from the iBio website 


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