How I Make Cash Watching Television …..

I want to recommend this to anyone that has a few minutes to click on emails in order to get some extra bucks in their pockets. The site has recently added a page to your account online with the emails. If you are weary about clicking on links from your email program this new addition has made that a thing of the past. I have been doing this for years from my email program and will probably never get used to going to my Sendearnings account to do it differently. I simply click on a link and let the ad page open. I rarely read anything on the pages and sometimes they don’t even load fully before I click on the little x and close the browser window. 
As you can see from my payment history I did check out coupons and take advantage of free promotions when I first started out. I don’t have the time to do those things anymore but I can’t see passing up cash for clicking on a few emails with the added bonus of finding something I need or want and getting discounts along with extra cash through my Sendearnings account. 

Below is what I made with little effort. No effort if you consider I click on the emails while watching television. 🙂

$45.27 Check Completed May 03, 2012 May 09, 2012
$27.13 Check Completed Jul 19, 2010 Jul 28, 2010
$44.22 Check Completed Nov 09, 2009 Nov 18, 2009
$27.01 Check Completed Oct 20, 2008 Oct 29, 2008
$36.57 Check Completed Feb 16, 2008 Feb 20, 2008

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