Gorgeous Lighted Water Fountains for Outdoors

Interesting water fountains for your garden. I love the way these beautiful fountains look and the calming effect they add to your space is wonderful. They make it a joy to go outdoors and commune with nature.
Look an at the beautiful definition in the face and tongue of this little black bear as he look at the light in the center of the fountain. It looks like he is getting a drink. The birds would love to have this beautiful water fountain to land on. That is if the cute black bear cub doesn’t scare them away …..




You can never go wrong with a rock fountain. Just looking at the water as it cascades down the rocks brings about a feeling of calm. The sound of the running water is awesome. I can just imagine walking out back at night and being able to see this all lit up and flowing. I could actually use this in our back yard because it is not a solar light. We live in a wooded area that receives very limited sunlight in the place I would want to put this.


40in Rock Waterfall Fountain with LED Light


I love this it looks so natural. I feel like I should be able to get water running out of one of the tree stumps like this in the yard but I have not yet gone to magicians school. I guess it can be done with some knowledge of running the water lines and coating the tree so it will not rot away. This fountain would be so much easier. The underwater lights will be fantastic to look at. I think I would prefer this to the rocks because it is more natural for NE Pennsylvania. I am not sure the water will sound as nice as the rocks but it will still make a flowing water sound that is a big plus for relaxing.

40″ Multi Level Tree Trunk Fountain with LED Underwater Lights

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