Cutest Animal Planters for Indoors and Outdoors

We began some heavy duty Spring cleaning with the unusual warm weather today. One of the major things that gets done every Spring is the yard and planting. I came across these adorable planters and just have to have one. One is cuter than the next and I am at a loss which to get. I included the pictures of just a few that are in consideration.

The first one is beyond cute

Helpful Garden Frog Planter Holder

Horses are really beautiful and majestic animals. This pretty filly comes in a bunch of different colors includingĀ  the brown and white one I liked best.

Georgetown Fireball the Bay Horse Planter


We have dozens of birds at our feeders so you would think one more is not needed. I fell in love with this pretty red Cardinal and he is in consideration simply because of the bobble head.

Red Cardinal Bird Planter Bobblehead with 4″ Pot


What is cuter than a baby Giraffe ? A baby giraffe planter – I adore the long lashes on this sweet wild animal planter and think it is the one for me.

Indoor or outdoor (garden) dƩcor plant stand


Maybe I will have African animals and make a theme area. Like I said it is hard to pick just one and this Zebra planter makes it easy to see why.

Zebra Flower Pot Unique Planter for Indoor Deck PlanterĀ 


I am a cat owner and lover which makes this one high up in the running. There are a whole bunch of cats to choose from so if I decide to pick a cat planter I am in a whole new dilemma

Mini Glamour Cat Metal Planter


More cat planters

Some of the cutest planters are the dogs. Look at that face … like the cats there are a lot of different dog planters to choose from. Different breed too…

Ā Painted Pug Mini-Planter


Shop for more great animal planters

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