Awesome Custom Baby Photo / Info Keeper in Pink USB Flash Drive

Comes in five sizes form 8GB to 128GB

This is a great idea for keeping baby info and or photos. The Stork Carries a Baby with 3 lines of Custom text. Name it whatever you want to use it for. The first text area can be used for a single line or double line of text with 12 characters per line. The second and third each have room enough for 17 characters each. I have the top area of text bigger for the title and the bottom areas for any pertinent information you may want to add. Depending on the size of storage stick you get you can save a certain range of data.

I figured that saving a whole year of babies first would take up a lot of space so I broke it down to 6 months. You can easily customize the text for whatever you need and how you would like to organize it. You can delete the text areas and leave them blank for a generic looking baby USB storage stick. Even if the internet goes down you will be able to view them. Save your cherished memories at your fingertips without worrying that you have lost or deleted them.

Good luck and happy memories for you and your baby I hope this comes in handy.