ASUS P-Series Business Standard Laptop the Best Keyboards

ASUS P-Series P2540UA-AB51  Laptop 

I wish I would have kept the Asus I tried out. I did a few weeks of very intense research for this purchase

Asus Zenbook UX303UA-YS51 Intel i5 2.3GHz, 4GB, 128GB SSD, 13.3″ Windows 10 Laptop, Smokey Brown

Like the laptop below it had the perfect amount of inputs. I wanted two regular USB ports. One that I always use for my handheld mouse and a second for charging my tunes and for all the other things that run from the computer.  I found that most laptops now have a limited number of ports. I wanted something light because I just don’t like the weight on my legs. Since I do graphics work I wanted one that came with a dedicated drive. If you do graphics or play games a dedicated graphics card is the way to go. I currently have an NVIDIA card and can leave my art programs open while I work at putting my designs on products in my stores.  I wanted a lot of space and was looking for at least 4G of ram. I found that it is more important to have speed than space for storage.  I got an SSD, solid state drive. It works much faster than than a HHD.  Plus it produces almost no heat because it does not have the working mechanics that the HHD has . There are no moving parts!! and it runs smooth without constantly making any sound.  So I gave up the space for an SSD drive and flash memory.  All these things are going to add to your final cost but it pays off in the end with the amount of time saved.  I wanted the back-lit keyboard which not all laptops have so this made my search a bit harder. It seems to be getting more common with the newer models.

I also wanted it to look good and the ASUS Zenbook is a 10+ in that department. The keyboard on the Asus is also fantastic because it feel sturdy and you can be sure of what you are typing. The back-lit keyboard did not show any light between the keys.


The one thing I don’t like is Microsoft 10. Right now I keep getting a pop up asking me to update. I hate updating Microsoft because you have to back up everything and it takes awhile to install. More times than not I ended up with a screwed up computer because of the bugs that the update introduced to my system.